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Olympics Roundtable w/Maelle Riker, Britt Janyk, Derek Livingston and Co-Host Mercedes Nicoll

In Episode 5, Mercedes and I are joined by fellow Team Canada Olympians Maelle Riker, Britt Janyk and Derek Livingston.

We discuss:

– The postponement of the 2020 Summer Games

– How it effects athletes in training

– The Financial ramifications for the team and Athletes

– What are they all doing to stay busy, fit and sane in today’s world of quarantine

Also, what’s next for them all and some funny travel stories as they were traveling around the world for Team Canada.

It’s a fun episode with 4 of Canada’s premier athletes!

Mike Pongracz (Professional Voice Over Actor and Producer)-PART 2

Mike and I chatted so much we had to break it down to 2 episodes. In Part 2 we discuss:

The WWE’s decision to press ahead with Wrestlemania Weekend
Should they have called it Wrestlemania?
Should they shut the whole thing down for a while?
We dive into our history together reflecting on first meeting at a Pearl Jam Concert!
We break down the new Pearl Jam Album “Gigaton” and discuss our favourite tracks.
What’s next for Mike and all of us?

Mike Pongracz (Professional Voice Over Actor and Producer)

If you think you’ve heard Mike Pongracz’s voice before you would be right. Not only is he the producer of THIS podcast and does the intro, but Mike’s voice can be heard all over the place on Commercials, Cartoons, Sportsnet and even WWE!

We chatted so much that we had to break it up into two episodes! In Part 1 we discuss:

– How we met at a Pearl Jam Show in Hamilton, Ontario.

– His journey to become one of the busiest Voice over Guys in the land.

– An Inspirational comeback story of a mutual friend

– How he is surviving and earning in the new “Quarantine” world

Also, I try to persuade Mike to tease the listeners with a few of his most popular Voice Overs and so much more.

Covid19-What happens when you test positive? My kids tell you all about our experience!

I tested positive for the Coronavirus/Covid-19. Now what? Well I was isolated away from the famly for 14 days and in a room by myself. In that time I played guitar , wrote some blogs and tried to pass the time as best I could. I’m joined in this special edition by my 11yr old daughter and 9yr old boy to tell the tale of what it was like for them? Was daddy going to be ok? How can we help? My family were the rockstars and totally stepped up to make sure I was doing fine! The kids were amazing and cooked and kept me entertained. Check out or little chat and hopefully it will put a smile on your face….

Covid19 testing process in Canada post International Travel (What you need to know?)

I recently returned from 6 weeks in Europe/UK and upon my return was faced with all 4 symptoms of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 Pandemic. Given the restrictions placed on Canadians post International travel like 14 day quarantine etc, I felt it necessary to look into getting tested. In this dedicated episode to the process I break down:

My symptoms before the test

The process of getting tested

The advice of the doctors and nurses post test

My current health update and what’s next

Sarah Ayres – Last Min Travel Madness with Co-Host Mercedes Nicoll

What happens when you go to work thinking it’s a regular day and then your life get’s turned upside down? Well for Sarah Ayres and her husband David that’s exactly what happened. After getting an emergency call to play goal for the Caroline Hurricanes in Toronto against his hometown Toronto Maple Leafs and then beating them, David and Sarah’s life changed forever! International travel, talk shows, podcasts and countless appearances would be their life for the following two weeks and we have Sarah on this week to talk all about it! Listen as Sarah breaks down the last min travel madness that ensued, what she learned and how to prep, advice for anyone who thinks they are organized and what’s next for her and David? It’s a fun listen and we can’t thank Sarah enough for making the time to tell us HER story and role in all of this!

Shawn Matthias: Former NHL player, Shawn Matthias-(Panthers, Leafs, Canucks, Avalanche, Jets) & Co-Host Mercedes Nicoll

Ever wonder how the stars of the NHL travel from game to game or what happens after they have been traded and need to scramble to the next team? Former NHL player Shawn Matthias (Panthers, Canucks, Leafs, Avalanche, Jets) joins Mercedes and myself to discuss all things NHL Travel. Also, Mercedes recently returned from the Youth Olympics in Switzerland and gives us the rundown! Plus we introduce our new segment “Travel Facts of the week”!

Paul Feinstein & Mercedes Nicoll

Are you a Travel Asshole? In this episode Mercedes and I break down all the ways you might be one! We are also joined by Paul Feinstein from the “Paul Cast” travel podcast to get his thoughts!

Mercedes Nicoll (Dropping In Host/Canadian Olympian Snowboarder)

Mercedes Nicoll (4 Time Canadian Olympian Snowboarder) joins me as Co-Host for the “Travel Cast”. In Episode one, Mercedes tells you all about her amazing journey!

In Episode #1 of the travel cast, Mercedes Nicoll joins me to talk:

Her Journey to become an Olympian
Growing up in Whistler, BC
Her amazing comeback story from an almost career and life altering fall
What’s next for her
Travelling the World!