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Bevees -Booze Free Bottle Shop & Beverage Room

Bevees is the store you didn’t know you were looking for.

It is the only place to sample and buy Greater Vancouver’s largest selection of booze-free beverages.

Soda pop and water are no longer your only options when you want an alcohol-free drink. And gone are the days of non-alcoholic wine that tastes like grape juice, and alcohol-free beer that takes like… well, we are too polite to say, but not good!

In today’s growing booze-free beverage market, any sophisticated sip, cocktail, or creation you can think of is now available booze-free. And you will find a large, lip-smacking selection at Bevees!

Today; ahead of their Grand Opening on Feb 3, 2024, I stopped by to chat about this amazing concept with owner Racquel and we shared a beverage or two as we discussed:

What do they “Do?”

How “Did” they do it?

What “Will” they do next?

For all things Bevees please visit:

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