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Chris Machete (Machete Comics)

  • Comics, podcasting, and creative work. 1:11
  • Chris reminisces about their long-standing friendship and shared experiences, including a band they used to be in together.
  • Chris discusses his diverse work in comic book art, education, and podcasting.
  • Creativity, teaching, and personal growth. 4:08
  • Chris has three main focuses: drawing comic books, teaching kids, and paying bills.
  • Chris enjoys teaching kids and finds it therapeutic, but he has had to narrow down their focus due to ADHD.
  • Chris enjoys teaching kids struggling with creativity due to cut art programs and lack of outlets.
  • Chris finds joy in helping kids through their creative pursuits and has an outlet for their creativity through their podcasts and productions.
  • Band dynamics and anxiety. 8:00
  • Chris acknowledges that the band’s anxiety started when they were talking to a representative from Sony.
  • Chris recalls a specific moment in a van when they realized they weren’t sure if they wanted to continue with the band for the next 5-10 years, leading to a panic attack.
  • Younger Chris, a band member, recounts an experience with Sony representatives, including one who showed interest in him and another who was unhelpful.
  • Comic books, hockey, and creativity. 18:17
  • Chris shares their passion for comic books, starting with Spider-Man in the 70s and still enjoying them today.
  • Chris played hockey in their younger years, enjoying the sport and still playing today.
  • Chris recounts a childhood experience of drawing Spider-Man and having a teacher rip it up in front of the class, triggering anxiety.
  • High school experiences and art career goals. 22:08
  • Chris describes experiencing harassment and bullying from teachers throughout high school, including a guidance counselor who told them they were “stone cold” and wouldn’t let their daughter sit beside them.
  • Chris recounts how they got into the Joe Kubert School despite their challenges, including living with an elderly woman whose home was infested with roaches.


  • Growing up in a tough neighborhood and learning discipline through drawing. 24:52
  • Chris describes their experience growing up in a predominantly black neighborhood and feeling like an outsider, but also learning valuable lessons about discipline and professionalism from their art classes.
  • Art school, comics, and punk rock. 30:48
  • Chris describes their experience at a comic book school, where they learned from industry professionals and were taught inking and penciling techniques.
  • Chris describes their experience as an outsider in a new town, where they met Brent and formed a band together, creating a sense of belonging and culture.
  • Music, anxiety, and creative pursuits. 38:12
  • Chris reveals anxiety led to quitting music
  • Chris shares their plans for their comic book, including turning it into an animated series or short film and seeking additional funding to keep it going.
  • Inspiring and helping gifted youngsters with art and comics. 41:39
  • Chris wants to help gifted youngsters reach their full potential by providing proper attention and care through their art program.
  • Chris believes it’s important to understand that kids can’t deal with things the same way adults do, and they need help to avoid turning out “little messed up” and not reaching their full potential.
  • Chris enjoys the challenge of teaching creative kids, finding it easier than expected despite some initial hesitation.
  • Work-life balance and creative pursuits. 45:31
  • Chris discusses their busy schedule with various creative projects, including a podcast, workshop, and spoken word event, and how they prioritize these tasks to manage their anxiety.
  • Art, comics, and community. 47:43
  • Chris Machete is an artist who creates comics and does commissions, and he’s been getting more attention and more people are reaching out to him for workshops and gigs.
  • Chris has a website where people can find all his comics, merchandise, and upcoming events.

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