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Clare Pooley – Author – The Sober Diaries, The Authenticity Project

Best selling Author and Blogger Clare Pooley (The Sober Diaries/The Authenticity Project and The Sober Mummy Blog) joins me this week on the “Life Cast” to talk about her Life.

In 2019 I chose a life without alcohol and found “The Sober Diaries” on a bookshelf. After reading through a few chapters I reached out to Clare and was amazed when she wrote me back. Throughout my first year of this new path, Clare was gracious with her time and would check in from time to time to answer my questions and give some advice.

In December of 2019 I was in London and was able to arrange a chat with Clare to discuss her journey into sobriety and she joined me backstage at the 02 Arena!

We discuss:

  • Her journey into Sobriety?
  • How her world-famous blog “Sober Mummy” started?
  • Becoming a best selling author of “The Sober Diaries”?
  • Breaking down the stigma of being sober and how to live it?
  • Battling Cancer sober after years of drinking
  • The release of her new book “The Authenticity Project”

Be sure to stick around for 15 min after as Clare called back to update me on her world in 2020 and we add it to the mix.



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