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Erica Ehm

Brenton interviews Erica Ehm, a former MuchMusic personality, about the upcoming documentary about the iconic music channel and its impact on Canadian culture.

o Erica discusses her experiences hosting various shows at MuchMusic, including cross-promotion and personalities, and how the building and its programming were integral to Canadian youth culture.

• Innovation and creativity in the entertainment industry. 6:02

o Erica reflects on MuchMusic’s innovative culture in the 80s, emphasizing intrapreneurship and employee ownership.

• Creativity, passion, and growth in the workplace. 11:51

o MuchMusic’s open culture allowed creatives to flourish, leading to engaged employees and minimal turnover.

o Brenton believes that the success of MuchMusic and its personalities can be attributed to their authenticity and passion for music.

• The impact of MuchMusic on Canadian culture and media. 17:18

o Brenton Donnelly and Erica reflect on the impact of MuchMusic on their lives and Canadian culture, with a focus on the show’s personalities and its role as a curator of Canadian culture.

o MuchMusic was a Canadian music and art scene game-changer by curating content and bringing diverse talent together, creating a sense of cohesion and oneness among young people.

o The lack of a centralized platform for Canadian culture and media has led to a splintering of the country, with no mainstream media outlet bringing people together and innovating with technology.

• How the speaker got their start in broadcasting at MuchMusic. 22:45

o Erica failed and made mistakes early on in their career, but used those experiences to learn and improve their craft.

o Erica did not fit the mold of a traditional broadcaster but found success by embracing their imperfections and being authentic.

• The history and potential revival of MuchMusic. 28:51

o Brenton reflects on the unique atmosphere of MuchMusic’s Queen Street West building when he worked as a tour manager from 1998 to 2003.

o JD Roberts was an early mentor for the show, with Roberts providing guidance on preparation and work ethic.

o Catherine McClanahan was the first girl hired, followed by Erica 9 months later, and helped consult on the documentary.

o Erica suggests repurposing old music videos and interviews for new audiences but acknowledges a need for a modern platform for Canadian youth to engage with music and culture.

• Concert ticket prices and resale market. 36:23

o We discuss the decline of stadium and arena acts due to high ticket prices and lack of fairness in the ticket-buying process.

o Artists and consumers are concerned about high ticket prices, with resellers and bots contributing to inflated costs.

o Brent agrees that ticket prices are too high and need to be addressed, especially for young people who are struggling to find jobs.

o Erica believes that the problem is not with the artists but with the middlemen who are profiting from the industry, damaging the future of the music business.

• Disrupting mainstream industries and finding new career paths. 47:08

o Erica believes that the ticketing industry will be disrupted, while Brenton sees conversations about everything all the time and wants to have more of them.

o Erica hopes to challenge mainstream leaders and media organizations by leveraging their unique skills in interviewing and moderating.

• Overcoming rejection and finding success. 54:11

o Erica uses her philosophy of “there’s always an opportunity lurking in every time you’re turned down” to stay positive and find new opportunities, even when faced with rejection.

• Touring, podcasting, and personal growth. 1:01:46

o Brenton and Erica discuss the upcoming tour and the uncertainty about who will perform.

o Erica shares her passion for music and storytelling, discusses upcoming documentary projects, and thanks listeners for tuning in.

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