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Faust Ruggiero (Author – “The Fix Yourself” & “The Fix Your Anxiety” Handbooks)

Faust Ruggiero stops by the show today to discuss his two amazing books, “The Fix Yourself” & “The Fix Your Anxiety” Handbooks! Handbook.”

Faust’s books offer practical advice for transforming one’s life and managing anxiety, given the current global situation and personal growth.

Writing books and the publishing process. 2:59

Faust discusses their process of writing books, including researching and outlining before writing, and how the process has become faster and more efficient over time.

Faust mentions that he has 7-8 books planned, with the next one being about depression, and how they approach writing with a focus on helping people understand mental health issues.

Self-improvement and creativity with an author. 9:05

Brent discusses the importance of self-reflection and honesty in personal growth, citing their own experience with a “life audit” that helped them identify areas for improvement.

Faust explains that fixing oneself involves being honest about one’s problems and taking responsibility for making changes, rather than blaming external factors.

Personal growth and self-awareness. 13:54

Brent emphasizes the importance of purging negative influences in life, such as toxic friends and unproductive habits.

Brent and Faust discuss the idea of having only a small inner circle of true friends, rather than trying to fit in with a large group of acquaintances.

Faust explains how they diversified their experience in different fields, including addiction counseling, working with deaf children, and corporate settings, to draw on when writing books and providing counseling services.

Counseling, psychology, and effective communication. 19:30

Faust enjoys helping people peel off layers of their lives and make changes, finding joy in watching them unfold and become stronger

Navigating polarized politics and finding a middle ground. 24:52

Brent seeks advice on how to maintain mental well-being while living in the middle of political polarization.

Faust shares their experience of redefining their middle ground by focusing on information and letting others come to their own conclusions.

Political polarization and finding common ground. 30:06

People used to be able to joke about political beliefs, but now it’s more divided and intense.

Mental health, addiction, and information seeking. 35:33

Brent emphasizes the importance of information acquisition and feeding one’s brain, rather than just seeking conclusions.

Faust agrees and notes that people are often conclusion seekers while neglecting the process of information gathering.

Addiction, anxiety, and depression with author Faust. 40:50

Faust defines addiction as a genetic predisposition to use certain substances or behaviors to cope with stress or emotions and notes that some people are more prone to addiction than others.

Faust emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for one’s actions and making conscious decisions to avoid addictive behaviors, even when faced with uncomfortable emotions or situations.

Faust discusses his books and upcoming releases, including “Fix Your Depression Handbook” and “Fix It Fast” radio show.

Gerald shares insights on mental health and wellness, encouraging listeners to check out his podcast and website for more information.

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