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Grant Lawrence (CBC Music Top 20, Author, Musician)

Grant Lawrence (Host-CBC Radio Top 20, Author, Musician) is as Canadian as it gets! Whether it’s hosting a weekly radio show on Canada’s Broadcast Corporation counting down the Top 20 songs in the country, coaching his son’s hockey team, writing a book (he’s written 5), going toe to toe with people on Beachcombers’ trivia or watching and supporting his uber-talented singer/songwriter wife Jill Barber while she tours, are there enough hours in the day?

It’s one of my favorite chats I’ve done so far!

What does Grant “Do?”

How “Did” he do it?

What “Will” he do next?

Plus we spend 10 minutes talking about the benefits of playing minor hockey, how can you not listen?

#cbc #hockey #canada

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