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Jody Vance (Canadian Broadcast Journalist/co-host Steele and Vance)

Jody Vance (Canadian Broadcast Journalist) joins the show today to discuss her amazing journey and career! From becoming Sportsnet’s FIRST female Anchor to her gig at LEAFS TV and her current show as co-host of the very successful Steele and Vance on ChekTV, Jody has done it all and then some! 

Jody has a new mission and it’s combating online harassment and getting laws changed to protect journalists in Canada from the constant barrage of negativity and hurtful attacks on them. She just won her case against her online harasser and we talk about it all and more this week on DO.DID.WILL “The Story of People Podcast”

What does Jody “DO?”

How “DID” she do it?

What “WILL” she do next?

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