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“Music Cast” Episode #11-The Review

It’s time to review the “Music Cast”! Join me this week as I review some clips from some of the amazing guests who joined me for these episodes.

You might have missed: Barry Kerch (Shinedown) discussing their new album, his coffee brand and band struggles

Karen Bliss (Music Journalist/Samaritan Mag Founder) discussing her journey and favourite interviews

Aaron Chapman (Vancouver Historian/Author; “Vancouver after Dark”) discussing the Vancouver music scene past, present and future

Frank Sidoris (Slash) auditioning for Slash, touring around the world and facing adversity

Dave Palmer (Rod Stewart) and Ben Melman (Tour Manager) discussing the UK music scene in the 60’s, 70’s and into now, touring as a veteran and Ben touring as the new tour manager

“Q-Unique” from NYC and his contribution to the late 80’s and early 90’s Hip Hop scene, touring with Public Enemy and his side project with “Fieldy” from Korn

The “Roudtable” discussion about the Vancouver music scene, producing albums in today’s world, touring, venues, record stores and trying to carve out a career in today’s industry.

Plus: one lucky listener is going to win a brand new device from Varia Brewing for liking, sharing, reviewing and helping spread the word!


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