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“Photog” Steve Hickey (Independent Journalist/Tik Tok Viral/”Stringer”

“Photog” Steve Hickey has gone Viral on all platforms! Why? Well, his short, must-see topical videos have taken the internet by storm and have led to him garnering over 750 Thousand followers on Tik Tok alone!

Plus. Steve is what is known as a “Stringer” who sets out to the streets of Seattle nightly to find, shoot and cover the things that the nightly news has missed. Why? Well, they buy the content off of him and use it for their broadcast.

Plus, Steve is a first responder firefighter and a dad! Sounds like a busy life to me.

What does Steve “Do?”

How “Did” he do it?

What “Will” he do next?

All this and more on the show!

For all things “Photog Steve” please visit him on all of his social platforms here:

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