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Ben Leavitt (Social Media Tips, Content Monetization and Hacks)

Ben Leavitt paid off his college tuition through his You Tube Channel! How the hell did he do that? Ben joins me today to explain and guide you through the steps. Plus, we dive into the pros and cons of what the world of social media is like to market your product or business and so much more. In the current world of Quarantine and Social Distancing, it’s the perfect time to launch your new podcast or content and Ben is here to help you do it!

Ben on You Tube:


Todd Hancock (Toddcast Podcast)

Todd Hancock of the very successful Todd Cast Podcast, longtime friend and also fellow blogger at joins me today to discuss a variety of topics. In this episode we try to wrap our heads around America’s choice to open up given the amount of COVID-19 madness still happening, Todd’s entry into the world of podcasting after moving on from terrestrial radio, advice for any content creators out there looking to start creating and so much more…

Chris Machete (Machete Comics/HM Music School)

Chris Machete of HM Music, Machete Comics and long time friend stops by to discuss a bunch of cool stuff! In Episode 2 we get into:

Going to the Joe Kubert School in New Jersey to perfect his inking and drawing skills and perfecting the art of comic design.
His Journey to Canada and starting a band with myself and our great friend DENT
Touring and trying to write the “Hit” and his thoughts on whether he would have handled fame?
What does he think of these “New” internet and pop stars and whether they deserve it?
Opening a music and art school and the stress and joy of it all.
We play “What’s in the Box” and review a bunch of rad comics and his thoughts on the stories and people involved in making them?

We also get a visit from his Daughter Taylor Machete and she fills us in on what she’s doing to keep busy and what’s next for her as the concert business and her source of income has taken a break.

It’s a fun episode with one of the most inspirational and fun dudes I know!!