Matt Heafy (Trivium)

Matt Heafy (Trivium) stops by today to talk about his touring experience this summer on the “Metal Tour of the Year” across America with Megadeth, Lamb of God and Hatebreed. Artists are experiencing all sorts of changes due to the pandemic and Matt discusses it all. Plus, we talk about Matt’s new album with Trivium and of course we chat coffee and play the “Espresso Shot”.

Touring Roundtable – The Crew – w/ Hoogie on the Road (Shinedown), Scott Davis (Daughtry/Disturbed), Andy Robicheau (Barenaked Ladies), Jimi Storey (Halsey)

Live music is back! Today I start a series of episodes featuring the people that make these shows happen. The Crew are everything to a tour and I’ve gathered some of the best in their field. Hoogie (Shinedown), Scott Davis (Daughtry/Disturbed), Jimi Storey (Halsey/Grouplove) and Andy Robicheau (Barenaked Ladies) all stop by to talk about the touring they have done this year after being some of the first people back on tour since the pandemic began!

Planes, Trains & Automobiles

Brenton is NOT on Tour anymore having wrapped up a week ago. I found myself in a funny situation where I needed to get home by “Thanksgiving” and faced with a lot of the same circumstances our friends Neal Page and Del Griffith faced in the Thanksgiving movie that shares the title of this episode! Season 3 launches with my adventures through America to get home, the challenges we face travelling now and what happens when there is a death in the family and you gotta call an audible? All this and more on the weeks show!

Back on Tour, New York on Sept 11 and more!

I’m back on tour! I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what it’s like out here so I dive into that. Also, I had a day off Sept 11 in NYC on the 20th Anniversary of the attacks and I give you a break down of my day and more!

Summer Break!

It’s that time! The lake is calling, the campfire raging and kids needing things to do! In this quick wrap up I ask you what you are doing this summer, thank some sponsors and have a little chat. The podcast returns in Sept when I Brenton will actually be “On Tour” again!

Concerts are back! What does it all mean?

Live music is back! This means I’ll actually be “On Tour” as per the title of this podcast. What does this mean for you the ticket holder? What does this mean for the artist? Are you excited to see live music again? What was your favourite show? All this and more in this week’s episode!

Tim Wendelboe

World Aeropress Champion and coffee roaster Tim Wendelboe returns to the show for an update on the coffee business, life in Oslo, Norway and what’s next for his company?

Corinne Lea (Rio Theatre Vancouver)

Corinne Lea is Owner/Operator of Vancouver’s storied Rio Theatre. After raising over Eight Million dollars during their “Save the Rio” campaign through the help of local fundraising and names like Kevin Smith and Ryan Reynolds, Corinne was able to plant her foot firmly into the Vancouver movie, music, and performance scene. Then, the Pandemic hit and threatened to destroy all the amazing work that was done and potentially close the theatre.
How did Corinne and her team adjust? How competitive is the Movie Theatre business with Cineplex controlling the market? What’s next or small theatres like the Rio and others?
Plus, Corinne talks about her alter-ego “Shameless Lee” her Burlesque performer and what’s next for that scene?

B.C.’s restart plan

Today the Province of British Columbia, Canada announced their restart plan for the rest of 2021. In this quick 10 min “Espresso Shot” I cover off the basics of the plan as well as give you my quick favourite’s for coffee, region and brand!