“Making It” with Craig Gass (Comedian/Howard Stern Show)

Comedian Craig Gass (The Howard Stern Show/King of Queen’s/Sex and the City) stops by to give his definition of “Making It”. From guest appearances on Sex and the City and King of Queen’s to his past and current gig with the Howard Stern Show, has Craig made it? His answer may surprise you!

That’s a Wrap on 2021!

2021 is about to be in the rear view mirror! How was YOUR 2021? It felt a lot like 2020 to me but I did have a few highlights and touring in there as well as a bit of travel. Pressing ahead seems to be the theme of the land these days and today I wrap-up 2021 with a quick once over of how it went, what might be next for the podcast and more! Thanks for listening and please visit me over at http://www.brentonontour.com for all episodes and highlights from the show!

“Making It” w/ Chad Guy (PM/TA for KISS) + Dave Fortune (PM/Tour Director)

Chad Guy and Dave Fortune have worked with, ran and continue to run the biggest concerts on the planet. Chad is PM/Tour Accountant for KISS and Dave spends his time as a freelance Production Manager and Tour Director having worked with Taylor Swift, Ed Sheehan, ACDC and more! You would think they have “Made it” in the music business but both stop by today to offer their take on the subject; their answers may surprise you. Collectively the three of us have known and worked with each other for 20+ years and today’s chat reflects our own individual journey’s and our journey’s together as we work towards OUR own versions of “Making It!”.

“Making It”

Everyone has their definition of “Making It”. Do you have yours? Have you “Made it” or still striving for it? I get asked all the time about how to “Make It” In the Music Business and the path I took to get there. Have I actually “Made It” though? In this new series I will attempt to get those answers for you. I will have guests talk about their personal Journey’s and also try to offer their thoughts on what “Making It” really means!

Dr. Sam Gutman MD (Rockdoc Consulting Inc)

Dr. Sam Gutman MD stops by this week to talk Rockdoc Consulting Inc; his Event Medical Consulting Company, shares some stories from treating artists backstage, talks about his favourite shows, what started it all for him and more!

Plus, we discuss COVID19 travel testing, the difference between PCR & Rapid Antigen testing, vaccine hesitancy and offers his thoughts on how to get through the pandemic.

The Doctor is almost in!

This coming week I have a very important episode with Dr Samual Gutman MD (Rockdoc Inc) on the way. We are going to cover a lot of things but we will touch on COVID, Vaccination Hesitancy and more. I feel it’s important to have these discussions and as I continue to recover from my COVID19 experience I thought it would be best to have an actual doctor on to downplay some myths and offer his take. I hope you will join me….this is just a little jab at what’s to come!

Katie Rox (Nice Horse) + Dunner (The Washboard Union)

Katie Rox (Nice Horse) and Dunner (The Washboard Union) are old friends, tour together, have very successful bands that have won countless awards and were two of the first Canadian bands to play live In the summer of 2021! This week we discuss how their bands came together, how long they have known each other and played shows together, touring during a pandemic, how to succeed in the music business and more! Plus we play the “Espresso Shot” and Brent challenges them both to a “Banjo off”.