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Todd Cochrane (CEO Blubrry Podcasting/Member of the Podcast Hall of Fame)

Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blueberry Podcasting, joins the show to discuss the podcasting industry and the Podcast Hall of Fame.


  • Podcasting Hall of Fame and its criteria. 0:00
  • Cochrane highlights the criteria for induction into the Hall of Fame, which include the quality of the show, groundbreaking contributions, and impact on the space.
  • Podcasting, tools, and services. 3:10
  • The importance of providing valuable insights and tools for podcast creators, rather than just promoting their own services.
  • The unique features of their platform, include integration with other tools and the ability to host true video podcasts.
  • Podcasting growth and success strategies. 8:19
  • Podcasting has 4 million shows, but only 400,000 are active, with a huge opportunity for mavericks to rise.
  • With fewer new episodes and a growing listening audience, every show has a chance to rise, and listeners are looking deeper into the stack for new discoveries.
  • Todd shares their personal experience of building a podcast from scratch, highlighting the challenges and rewards of creating content on a consistent basis.
  • Podcasting journey and growth. 14:00
  • The importance of engaging with listeners and treating them as individuals, rather than a large audience.
  • In 2004, Todd was grounded from flying after an accident and discovered podcasting in his hotel room in Waco, Texas. He went on to become a successful podcaster and author, with a book deal from Wiley Publishing and sponsorship from GoDaddy.
  • Podcasting, consistency, and audience engagement. 19:08
  • The importance of consistency and being the personality of the show, as audience members come for the host’s unique perspective and value.
  • Todd shares an analogy about being quiet and not talking too much when guests are present, as the medium is not about the guests but about the host’s added value and personality.
  • Podcasting and learning from others. 24:06
  • Todd wants to have meaningful conversations and offer value to listeners by bringing in experts like Matt Cundill to teach them something.
  • Todd and his team surround themselves with intelligent people who can help them and others reach the next level and enjoy listening to their experiences.
  • AI’s impact on podcasting and content creation. 26:09
  • Todd’s podcasting strategy includes listening to 100 new podcasts every 2 weeks and taking notes to find successful shows.
  • AI will change podcasting by providing tools that aren’t obsolete in 2 weeks and making show notes and episode titles more search engine-friendly.
  • Original voices will win in content creation, as AI-generated content may lack trust and authenticity.
  • Podcast show notes and AI assistance. 31:39
  • AI can help podcasters with show notes by listening to the show and writing summaries (27 words)
  • Todd is interested in using AI to improve show notes, but acknowledges that it may not be enough to rely solely on AI for SEO purposes (26 words)
  • Podcasting, storytelling, and diversity in the industry. 37:37
  • Todd Cochrane, CEO of blubrry podcasting, is on a mission to help people tell their stories through podcasting.
  • Cochrane has been to Saudi Arabia to interview women and young people about their experiences, and podcasting has given them a platform to share their stories worldwide.
  • Content creators should focus on unique stories told by unique individuals, as people come for the stories and demographics are attracted to specific shows based on the content.
  • The content space is vast, from niche shows to mainstream topics, and it’s important to understand the type of content that resonates with the target audience.
  • Podcasting trends and growth opportunities with Todd Cochrane. 42:36
  • The growth of podcasting in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East, with Charitable ranking high in the region.
  • Todd Cochrane, CEO of Blueberry Podcasting, shares insights on podcasting and content creation.
  • Find Todd Cochran and Blueberry Podcasting online for free trial and support.

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