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Renee Paquette (AEW/Renee All Dey Podcast)

Podcasting, wrestling, and motherhood. 0:00

Renee Paquette discusses her busy schedule as a broadcaster and television personality, mentioning her book and baby.

Renee shares her experiences as a mother, wrestling podcast host, and cookbook creator, highlighting the kindness and sweetness of wrestlers.

Podcasting, editing, and team delegation. 3:16

Renee Paquette regrets not learning how to edit early in her career, wishing she was more self-sufficient.

Brenton and Renee discuss the podcast industry, highlighting its growth and diversity, as well as the importance of engaging in conversations.

They praise podcasts that prioritize genuine connections and chemistry between hosts, citing examples like David Letterman’s Netflix show and Duck Shepherd’s podcast.

Wrestling career and company growth. 8:13

Renee discusses his experience transitioning from WWE to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), including the differences in creative freedom and the impact of COVID-19 on the industry.

Brent highlights the unique moments and achievements in AEW’s history, such as the Grand Slam and the first Grand Slam, and compares them to the larger scale of WWE’s WrestleMania events.

Wrestling business and fan culture. 10:54

Renee reflects on the significance of All Elite Wrestling’s (AEW) debut event, feeling it was a “ground roots feel” with a “special” atmosphere and a “fun experience” for UK wrestling fans.

Renee notes the camaraderie among wrestling locker rooms, with everyone rooting for each other’s success and acknowledging each other’s achievements.

Renee reflects on her spouse John’s passion for professional wrestling, noting their ability to shift into different versions of themselves and consistently impress with their body of work.

Renee feels lucky to be able to absorb knowledge from John through osmosis, citing their shared love of wrestling and the speaker’s ability to keep their ears open and learn from their conversations.

Career path, randomness, and talent. 15:48

Renee reflects on her unexpected journey from pro wrestling to NFL hosting, citing her passion for Americana and personal growth.

Career changes and new opportunities in the entertainment industry. 20:00

Brenton and Renee discuss how they came together to create content, including the launch of the speaker’s podcast during the pandemic.

Renee shares her experience of leaving WWE and figuring out her next move, while also becoming a mother and navigating the changing media landscape.

Renee reflects on her journey with AEW, from debuting with them last year to exploring new opportunities and forging connections with other wrestlers.

Work-life balance and creativity. 24:40

Renee discusses always making space on her plate for new projects if they’re right

Renee wants to prioritize spending time with their young daughter and avoid feeling overwhelmed with work commitments.

Work-life balance, creativity, and live music experiences. 28:59

Brenton Donnelly discusses the importance of taking time off and being organized to manage work and family responsibilities.

Renee’s parents are both highly organized and motivated, which Renee attributes to her own drive to succeed and balance work and personal life.

Career goals, cooking, and life balance. 33:50

Renee expresses a desire to host a morning show or interview people like Kelly Ripa, Willie Geist, and Anna Gardner.

Renee’s cookbook was inspired by Molly Bass’s cookbook, and they’ve been dabbling back into older recipes while also exploring new ones.

Busy schedules and social media platforms. 39:11

Renee Paquette discusses her busy schedule, including her podcast, YouTube channel, and social media presence.

Paquette encourages listeners to follow her on all platforms and check out her content, including her Bengals podcast.

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